<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="Contact.css"> <title>Hana</title> </head> <body background="Comptoir1.jpg";> <table id="table1"> <tr> <td id="colonne1" rowspan="15"> </br> </br> </br> <a href="index.php"><img src="Hanalogofondnoir.jpg" width="200" height="200"></a> </br> </br> <table id="table5"> <tr> <td id="colonne11"> <p>MY DAILY BENTO HABIT</p> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/HANABOURGOGNE/"><img src="Fbblanc.png" width="29" height="29"></a><a href="https://twitter.com/hanabento"><img src="Twitterblanc.png" width="32" height="32"></a><a href="https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/261694590/"><img src="Instagramblanc.png" width="29" height="29"></a> </br> </br> <h3>Hana Passy</h3> <h4>21, rue Bois le vent, 75016, Paris</h4> <h4>Tl. 09 83 63 00 12</h4> <h4>Horaires :</h4> <h4>Du lundi au samedi de 11h 20h.</h4> </br> <h3>Hana Bourgogne</h3> <h4>33, rue de Bourgogne, 75007, Paris</h4> <h4>Tl. 09 81 12 79 96</h4> <h4>Horaires :</h4> <h4>Du lundi au samedi de 11h 20h.</h4> </br> <h3>Hana Cambronne</h3> <h4>96, rue de Cambronne, 75015, Paris</h4> <h4>Tl. 09 81 13 40 57</h4> <h4>Horaires :</h4> <h4>Du lundi au samedi de 11h 22h30.</h4> </br> </br> </br> </br> </td> </tr> </table> </td> <td> <table id="table2"> <tr> <th class="barre"> <h2><a href="index.php">Home</a></h2> </th> <th class="barre"> <h2><a href="Restaurants.php">Restaurants</a></h2> </th> <th class="barre"> <h2><a href="Menus.php">Menus</a></h2> </th> <th class="barre"> <h2><a href="Contact.php">Contact</a></h2> </th> <th class="barre"> </th> </tr> </table> <table id="table3"> <tr> <td id="contact"> <h2>Contact us</h2> <form action="#" method="post" id="leavereply"> </td> <tr> <td class="cont"> <label for="name"><p>Name (required) :</p> </td> <td class="cont"> </label><input id="name" name="name" class="text" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cont"> <label for="email"><p>Email Address (required) :</p></label> </td> <td class="cont"> <input id="email" name="email" class="text" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="cont"> <label for="website"><p>Subject :</p></label> </td> <td class="cont"> <input id="website" name="website" class="text" /> <tr> <td class="cont"> <label for="message"><p>Your Message :</p></label> </td> <td class="cont"> <textarea id="message" name="message" rows="8" cols="50"></textarea> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <input type="image" name="imageField" id="imageField" src="submit.gif" class="send" /> </form> </td> </tr> </table> </table> <table id="table4"> <th> <td id="colonne11"> </td> <td><h4><a href="index.php">Home</a></h4> </td> <td> <h4><a href="Restaurants.php">Restaurants</a></h4> </td> <td> <h4><a href="Menus.php">Menus</a></h4> </td> <td> <h4><a href="Contact.php">Contact</a></h4> </td> <td> <h4><a href="Mentions.php">Politique de confidentialit</a></h4> </td> <td> <h4><a href="Mentions.php">Mentions Lgales</a></h4> </td> <td> <h4><a href="Mentions.php">Allergnes</a></h4> </td> </th> </table><div style="position: absolute; top: -999px;left: -999px;">Personally I can think of much worse than coming on <a href="http://www.replicawatchesuk.co/">replica watches</a> store to be greeted by someone putting this down, slagging this off, slagging that off, saying this sucks, that <a href="http://www.replicarolexuksale.co.uk/">replica watches</a> store I hope you won take these criticisms too harshly as they are constructive and come from a good, caring place. No a full refund as the watch does not work at all and with the greatest of respect <a href="http://www.replicawatch.us.com/">replica watches sale</a> should of been when it arrived. So can I ask please again to confirm the address to send the <a href="http://www.kingsroadtyres.co.uk/Bin.aspx">rolex replica sale</a> and I do expect full refund on watch with no charges from yourselves as mentioned on my previous emails to you. Now I have been fair with you on my responses with yourselves. I have offered to send this watch back to you. I am not sending this anywhere as the item is not fit for purpose nor you or I know what is wrong with this watch. Please offer me a full refund this is all I now want no repairs or another <a href="http://www.rolexreplicasale.org.uk/">rolex replica sale</a> or replacement. I only required a watch that was working from day one and it does not. Please now come back to me on how we resolve this issue.</div> </body> </html>